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Coffee table OrbitCollection Martin Nievergelt

Two cylinders turned from Swiss sandstone hold a circular glass plate and form a hub from which the solid oak table top extends. At the hub end a hollowed area in the table top serves as a ready-made bowl. The table top is supported at the other end by a wooden strut with a wedged mortice and tenon joint.

Martin designed the table as a modular system, with five colours of glass available to provide a variety of customisable options. The wooden table top rotates in its own orbit, making it highly versatile and adaptable when rearranging seating and surrounding furniture. No tools are required for assembly. Each part can be removed and replaced.

Orbit epitomises the ecological and authentic use of high quality materials. It is locally manufactured, guaranteeing short supply routes, controlled use of raw materials, and top quality craftsmanship.

Length: 135 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Height: 32 cm

«A star in orbit»

Year 2017
Sector Furniture design
Distribution Martin Nievergelt
Key materials Oak wood, Sandstone, Glass
Photographie Christian Reichenbach
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