NEUTRON Sphere, cone and cylinder

Fidel Sigg, founder of Monolicht, came up with the idea of the ‘perfect’ 12V rail system in 1998. The system was an enormous success. For the relaunch Martin developed two innovative series of high-quality LED lights: Neutron and Capsule. Neutron is the technical spotlight series, reduced to basic geometric forms. The lamp housing is made of aluminium and the contoured light and lens mount are acrylic. The symmetrical joint design with integrated power supply allows the lights to be turned and tilted as desired. The pendant lamps Neutron and i27 have been reduced to their basics and designed in line with a classic E27 mount.

Year 2015
Sector Product design
Mandate Design
Client Monolicht
Key materials Aluminium, Brass, Acrylic glass
Photographie Christian Reichenbach
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